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Currently DRC Nepal is providing residential facilities to about 60 children in a beautiful two storey building in homely and familiar environment situated on the bank of the sacred river Bagmati in Gokarna-1, Kathmandu. The building was acquired by us on a long term lease basis from the local authorities. About 50% among the residential children are disabled or handicap, 30 % are from the extremely poor family and the rest were adopted by us from the street. They are attaining education from pre-nursery up to higher secondary level in the various prestigious academic institutions of Kathmandu. They get all sorts of educational and medical facilities in the centre within our financial limitations. As these facilities are quite expensive in Nepal we negotiate for the reduced rates for our children with the hospitals and schools in Kathmandu. In fact, we have already signed MOU,s with several institutions so that they could attain education in the reputed schools and they could be benefited from medical treatment, surgery, plastic and cosmetic surgery, organ transplantation and the other essential facilities to store the shape of their bodies all at no cost. For your kind information, more than 300 disabled scholars have already got rehabilitated. We have been providing them tools as crutches, walkers, artificial legs and other appropriate equipments from our own arrangements, contacts and resources. As our goal is the vocational rehabilitation of the children along with the formal education we have made special arrangements to make them expert on software development, hardware maintenance and dress designing, etc. In fact, more than 50 scholars adopted by DRC have been earning livelihood successfully for themselves and their families after leaving the centre. They are now financially independent and getting equal opportunities in the society.

Our two top priorities are Health and Education.


A Life member of DRC, Sheikh Raheel Bashir, has negotiated an Agreement with the Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital for the provision of Free Hospital Beds, Free Outpatient Consultations, and 50% discount rates for Investigative Procedures The Hospital is very close to the DRC Care House, providing easy access in times of emergency.

ECO Himal (Austrian Development Corporation) Gerda Rath Charitable Pharmacy, has kindly agreed to provide inpatient and outpatient medicines at a reduced rate. Tilgana Eye Hospital and Green Pastures Hospital Pokhara, also provide DRC with discounted rates for their services.

DRC is very grateful for the support of these organisations.


In this academic year (2007-08, B.S. 2064-65)

  • 25 children attend Gokarna Mahadev Private School
  • 3 children, with the support of overseas sponsors, attend Baba Boarding School
  • 4 children attend Manakanama private School funded by the Principal's Scholarship
  • 12 children attend Khagendra Government School for children who have a physical disability
  • 1 child attends Vidaya Byayam Private School funded by the Principals Scholarship Scheme.

This year the Executive Committee has enrolled many children in Private Schools for the first time, providing them with the highest possible standard of education. This commitment has increased the annual education costs of DRC

Many of the disabled children housed at the DRC Care House
Many of the disabled children housed at the DRC Care House

Dr. MP Shrivastava  - Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital, Sheikh Raheel Bashir - Medical Adviser & Mr. Kipa Sherpa President DRC
Dr. MP Shrivastava - Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital, Sheikh Raheel Bashir - Medical Adviser & Mr. Kipa Sherpa Chairman DRC


Registration Details

DRC is registered in the District Administration Office-Ministry of Home and External Affairs and got affiliated with Social Welfare Council-Ministry of Social Welfare under Government of Nepal

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