Disabled Rehabilitation Centre (DRC) Nepal


The Disabled Rehabilitation Centre Nepal is a non profit and non government organization ( NGO ) established in the year 2000 AD having the founding members suffering from physical disabilities including the chairman himself. Their vision was clear that to provide free accommodation, education, health care and management of the essential equipment for the disabled. Moreover to work for the rehabilitation of the disabled or handicap and the children living under extreme severe living conditions as orphans, street child and the one deserted by their own family as their families are financially unable to provide them minimum living facilities as food and clothing. Our sole goal is to equip them with all the necessary skills along with the formal education with the objective of making them self reliant and independent.

Recovery, Reintegration & Respect for the Disabled
Recovery, Reintegration & Respect for the Disabled

Mission Statement

Equality of opportunity and the treatment for children with disabilities and living in poverty in vocational rehabilitation, training and employment, and to promote sustainable change to ensure that people with disabilities and people affected by disease or poverty are treated as full citizens with equal opportunities for community participation.

Registration Details

DRC is registered in the District Administration Office-Ministry of Home and External Affairs and got affiliated with Social Welfare Council-Ministry of Social Welfare under Government of Nepal.

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