The Children

DRC focuses on providing our 35 in-house children with corrective surgery and the best available educational opportunities. DRC has negotiated excellent discount rates with the hospitals, surgeons and schools. School fees have to be paid for all children attending school.

We would be delighted if you could assist us with funding these vitally important projects for our children. To protect the children's privacy their biographies and personal details are in a password protected part of our website which is accessible to sponsors and supporters upon request.

To view the password protected area please click here then enter the user name and password when requested to.

Photo Back Row From left: Gita, Dharma Rai & Soma Dolma
Front Row From Left: Goma, Naula Bhadur & Nabin Bhandori.

Gita, Dharma Rai, Soma Dolma, Goma, Naula Bhadur and Nabin Bhandori.

Registration Details

DRC is registered in the District Administration Office-Ministry of Home and External Affairs and got affiliated with Social Welfare Council-Ministry of Social Welfare under Government of Nepal.

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